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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Thank you for considering us to be your potential Wedding Entertainment Company. We hope to make this a day that you will never forget.

CALL 647-290-7603 | 647-293-2965

We offer a wide variety of Entertainment, Event Planning and Production options for Grand Openings, Holiday Parties, Company Picnics, Theme Parties, Award Galas and all your other corporate needs.

CALL 647-290-7603 | 647-293-2965

MXEvents provides indoor and outdoor planning that ranges from simple school dances, semi formals and proms, to private banquet hall events, high energy club-style productions and festivals

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Greater Toronto Area DJ

Greater Toronto Area DJ


      • Delivery Setup and Takedown
      • Professional DJ + Console
      • Fully Censored Music Library
      • Digital Sound System
      • 1 Wired Microphone
      • Games and Giveaways
*Package price is dependent on the of number of service hours and total amount of guests. Please provide these details in your inquiry.


      • Setup and Takedown
      • Professional DJ + Console
      • Fully Censored Music Library
      • Digital Sound System
      • 1 Wired Microphone
      • Games and Giveaways (Glow Products)
*Package price is dependent on the of number of service hours and total amount of guests. Please provide these details in your inquiry.


      • Setup and Takedown
      • Up To 3 Hours Of Service
      • Professional DJ + Console
      • Fully Censored Music Library
      • Digital Sound System
      • 1 Wired Microphone
      • Games and Giveaways (Glow Products)
      • 1 Dance Light
*Package price is dependent on the of number of service hours (if above 3) and total amount of students. Please provide these details in your inquiry.


  • Book any TWO services (DJ, MC, Live Music, A/V Setup, Photobooth, etc) to receive $100 OFF
  • Book any THREE services (DJ, MC, Live Music, A/V Setup, Photobooth, etc) to receive $200 OFF


*Visit Our Photo Gallery page for all “upgrade options” pictures; or CLICK HERE. Lighting
  • Intelligent Lighting Unit
    • MAC 250 Moving Head (minimum of 2)
    • RUSH MH3 Moving Head (minimum of 2)
    • Aura LED Moving Wash (minimum of 2)
  • Semi-Intelligent Lights
    • American DJ Vertigo (minimum of 2)
    • American DJ Revo (minimum of 2)
  • LED Parcan Show
  • LED Wall Uplights
  • Microh Titan Laser
  • 20″ Disco Ball
Special Effects
  • Fog Machine
  • Hazer
  • Confetti
  • Fireworks
  • Bubble Machine
  • Snow Machine
  • LED TV (55″)
  • HD Projector + Screen (custom size)
  • LED Video/Media Wall (custom size)
*Visit for additional Audio Visual Needs Backdrop
  • Velour Backdrop
  • LED Backdrop
  • Wired Microphone
  • Wireless Microphone
  • Wireless Lapel Microphone
Video Disc Jockey
  • 2 – LED TVs (55″)
  • Video Mixing Console
  • Extensive Video Library

Explore our Greater Toronto Area DJ Service

MXEvents Greater Toronto Area DJs are the best solution for all your music demands. Each culture has its own specific music, but people from different parts of the world tend to enjoy the other culture’s music as well. As a result, the music that you select is never taken lightly by our performers. Music in fact brings happiness to people and inspires them, whether it is vocal or instrumental. Music also transports them to a different world or back in time. Couples also tend to share songs which are sentimental to them both – ones that are sung on their anniversary or birthday. Music is very close to many hearts; hence, our Greater Toronto Area DJ is always considered to be the best at his or her craft and always make the audience dance to their tunes.

Toronto DJ Services - Packages, Rates and Pricing

MXEvents professionals help you to meet your music demands in a better way and provide the guests with huge assortments of songs. Most importantly, we relieve you from the pressure of renting expensive equipments and setting it all up for optimal listening. Our GTA DJ professionals always consult their clients about the multiple song choices. Further, all music played during the special occasion is pre planned with a playlist, prior to the start of the event. This way they can mix it together professionally through cutting and fading together the right tracks at appropriate times. When the music is selected carefully, MXEvents Greater Toronto Area DJ can actually set the exact mood for the entire night, allowing your event to take place without a hitch.

Our disc jockey service is the perfect solution to all your celebrations and special events. We believe that it should in fact, reflect you, your personality and the personality of the event – the music played should cater to all family, guests and friends. Greater Toronto Area DJs have an awesome collection of music, which is sure to make everybody dance and crave for more.

Not hiring proper GTA Disc Jockeys, can lead to an unorganized event, which would degrade your celebrations and prevent the guests from enjoying themselves. Having said that, it is of utmost importance to select the right DJ for your party and ensure that you get exactly what you paid for. To make your guests happy and entertained, you should have a good professional DJ – whether it is a birthday party, wedding, corporate event, marriage anniversary or any other important event, to make the day more eventful, you should go with one of our Greater Toronto Area DJ.

Would you like to organize your events and make them as memorable as possible? Well, it is a technical approach mostly adopted by only select few people. The people having technical knowledge and inner workings of of an event will always hire an event management team. This team’s primary function will be the execution of the event plan. These professionals will always work together to ensure a successful completion. Nowadays, there are only several approaches and ideas for the event organizers. Our executive team enables all clients to find fun oriented options and activities. There is no need to opt in for old technologies and traditions anymore. You need to contact our Greater Toronto area DJ for the technical support in the entertainment field. Music is a source of fun and enjoyment that has gained a lot of attention in the recent years and that’s why couples prefer to share the favorite songs with the guests and friends. These favorite songs contain the special messages for the guests. On the other hand, getting a DJ service for your next soiree is a great approach to recall the pleasant memories of your love and romance. This is especially if you are celebrating a wedding anniversary.

We recommend the clients to collect their favorite songs and jot them down on a provided request list. By doing so, our Greater Toronto area DJ service will be able prepare and perform these songs during the party. As a matter of fact, we have a big collection of songs ranging from older classic titles to some of the modern hits. Our music library contains more than 100,000 musical choices available for event planners and their clients to pick from. Our disc jockeys on staff are looking forward to sharing this library with you – our client. When discussing the details of your event with our experts, we encourage you to check our song lists. In these lists you will find an excellent selection which will help fill in some of the gaps during the main portions of the night such as grand entrance. Filling all the musical gaps will create a successful event – that’s a guarantee!

DJ services are helpful for the couples willing to forgo live performers or a band at their event. It is true that live performance for a Greater Toronto Area DJ is possible, but you have to careful in your selection. Selecting the right DJ is the key. Choose the DJ service that has a full range of audio/visual aspects and special effects in their arsenal. For example, MXEvents provides digital sound systems, latest in lighting equipment and current visual technologies available. All of this is made possible through large format LCD screens, medial walls, projection and other digital technologies. These technologies are considered a must to create a successful show and have your Disc Jockey as a live performer.



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Our Testimonials

Thank you Max & Walter for sponsoring our event, because it just made the night much more awesome. The guests were entertained and they loved the photo booth! The feedback I got from everyone was great. I will for sure refer you to any one in need of a photo booth and hopefully your coming to our prom. Thank you once again for everything.

Rita Yalda

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