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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Thank you for considering us to be your potential Wedding Entertainment Company. We hope to make this a day that you will never forget.

CALL 647-290-7603 | 647-293-2965

We offer a wide variety of Entertainment, Event Planning and Production options for Grand Openings, Holiday Parties, Company Picnics, Theme Parties, Award Galas and all your other corporate needs.

CALL 647-290-7603 | 647-293-2965

MXEvents provides indoor and outdoor planning that ranges from simple school dances, semi formals and proms, to private banquet hall events, high energy club-style productions and festivals

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Hamilton DJ Services

Hamilton DJ Services


      • Delivery Setup and Takedown
      • Professional DJ + Console
      • Fully Censored Music Library
      • Digital Sound System
      • 1 Wired Microphone
      • Games and Giveaways
*Package price is dependent on the of number of service hours and total amount of guests. Please provide these details in your inquiry.


  • Book any TWO services (DJ, MC, Live Music, A/V Setup, Photobooth, etc) to receive $100 OFF
  • Book any THREE services (DJ, MC, Live Music, A/V Setup, Photobooth, etc) to receive $200 OFF


*Visit Our Photo Gallery page for all “upgrade options” pictures; or CLICK HERE. Lighting
  • Intelligent Lighting Unit
    • MAC 250 Moving Head (minimum of 2)
    • RUSH MH3 Moving Head (minimum of 2)
    • Aura LED Moving Wash (minimum of 2)
  • Semi-Intelligent Lights
    • American DJ Vertigo (minimum of 2)
    • American DJ Revo (minimum of 2)
  • LED Parcan Show
  • LED Wall Uplights
  • Microh Titan Laser
  • 20″ Disco Ball
Special Effects
  • Fog Machine
  • Hazer
  • Confetti
  • Fireworks
  • Bubble Machine
  • Snow Machine
  • LED TV (55″)
  • HD Projector + Screen (custom size)
  • LED Video/Media Wall (custom size)
*Visit for additional Audio Visual Needs Backdrop
  • Velour Backdrop
  • LED Backdrop
  • Wired Microphone
  • Wireless Microphone
  • Wireless Lapel Microphone
Video Disc Jockey
  • 2 – LED TVs (55″)
  • Video Mixing Console
  • Extensive Video Library

Explore Our Hamilton DJ Services

So you are in search of perfect Hamilton DJ Services, but you don’t know where to turn first, then don’t go to the yellow pages! The best way to find the perfect DJ is by searching online and going over reviews of past clients. When you can trust the experience that customers have had, then you will not have to worry about the type of music to be played at your party. Let’s be realistic here; there’s only so much that you wouldn’t like from a DJ. There are different ways to find a DJ, and sometimes it’s about getting in touch with someone who has hired one already and had experience in dealing with one. To solve this problem turn to MXEvents Hamilton DJ Services. We specialize in a variety of genres of music and the ones you are looking to play at your party. Having your disc jockey playing variety is always a good thing.

You must have the understanding of the kind of DJ’s that are out there. In most cases, they fall into certain categories – bad, average, good and outstanding. It can be concluded that 35% are bad; 35% are average, 25% are good while 5% are outstanding. Therefore, your target should be to hire those who fall in the 5% category before you think of the 25% who are good. Choose wisely! You will usually be able to tell when you have the initial meeting with your potential DJ. With MXEvents all of our clients have a meeting with our DJ, with no exception.

Hamilton DJ Services Packages, Rates and Pricing

Again, if you do a little research you can find the right DJ Services in Hamilton. By doing so, you will not have to worry about the types of songs that your Disc Jockey in Hamilton area is going to play during the evening. With MXEvents, you will have the privilege of selecting the songs that you want played before the party starts. Many DJ’s truly love what they do and work in the music industry because they enjoy the response that others have towards the music that they play – those are the talented DJ’s that MXEvents brings you! There are many advertisements put out so that people just like you can have access to these types of services, but we truly believe we are unique in providing a great service for your consumption.

MXEvents Hamilton DJ Services can give you the results that you want for the right price. Avoid the yellow pages and shoot for the internet and local connections to find the right one. Let us captivate your mind with our talent, our gear and our experience.

There is no benefit in using online tricks. Remember, professional special events DJ services never use the Yellow pages because they don’t need outdated marketing methods. We work harder for our clients, so our clients can refer us to their friends and family. We call this personal sources marketing. We have also established an online customer support service. This service helps us respond quicker, work faster and accommodate clients in a timely fashion.

The MXEvents offers facilities and services with detail. Each and every package has been has been very well organized and serves as a starting point in every clients journey that we work with. Want to see the package details? Not a problem. Just visit our contact page and inquire about Hamilton DJ services. We will then be happy to send you the full breakdown and pricing of our starter Hamilton DJ services package. There are other several important things for you to do. First of all, you need to figure out which type of function you are planning to have. Several types of functions are handled by our disc jockeys on staff. It is important for them to understand you vision and the nature of your event. Usually, we offer disc jockey and entertainment services for the wedding events, birthday parties, holiday parties and corporate functions to name a few. Every function has its own style and nature. Applying the wedding entertainment service on corporate functions will show poor results. This is not how we work. We always plan in advance for your event. We prepare an itinerary, request list and the timeline of the night. This is something that is put together by our team and client which can easily be modified according to their expectation. In case of any technical error or problem, our customer support department can establish contact with the clients in order to sort everything out.

It is a really fun process planning your next event. Don’t be disappointed if our first quote is a little higher than you expected. We working with various budgets and are happy to accommodate your needs. There are budgets are for the different clients and event types. If you are planning a wedding you will definitely have to budget a lot more than if you were planning a sweet 16. We are happy to customize you package without any restrictions or obligations. It is always encouraged by our Hamilton DJ services experts because it keeps the clients in a comfortable state. MXEvents is eagerly participates in the event management and organization seminars because it is the only way to generate new ideas, concepts and provide modern entertainment.


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Our Testimonials

Thank you so much for your services! I got great reviews from all the teachers and the students had a blast!
You were great! Looking forward to future events.

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