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We offer a wide variety of Entertainment, Event Planning and Production options for Grand Openings, Holiday Parties, Company Picnics, Theme Parties, Award Galas and all your other corporate needs.

CALL 647-290-7603 | 647-293-2965

MXEvents provides indoor and outdoor planning that ranges from simple school dances, semi formals and proms, to private banquet hall events, high energy club-style productions and festivals

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Toronto Live Band and Entertainment Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the band experienced? Are the musicians professionals?
A. Each member of the band is an educated and full time professional musician that has over 15 years of experience in the field. As a band that has played many gigs over the last decade, the validation of the impeccable level of professionalism and quality experience is evident. The musicians listed in our roster are all experienced professionals and we can assure you that they will exceed your expectations and provide a high entertainment value for your guests at your event.

Q. What type of music do you play?
A. Our musicians are versatile enough to play any style of music. However, we are always open to learning new styles and if provided with recorded material, our musicians are capable of learning such and performing it at your event. Our most popular styles are Top 40, Pop, Rock, Soul, Funk, Motown, Dance, Country & Latin. But again we are not limited to these styles.

Q. Do you play traditional music from our ethnic background?
A. We can play traditional music from your ethnic background. To accommodate this, we do ask that the client provides us with recorded material so that our musicians can learn the music. If the music requires instruments not included in the 6-piece band, special arrangements can be made so that the traditional music’s authenticity can be upheld. For further information about this please contact us.

Q. Can we make requests from your songlists? Do you perform songs that are not part of your repertoire? Do you learn new songs upon request?
A. We implore our clients to make requests from our songlists as we like to ensure that they are completely satisfied with the music at their event. We can and do perform songs that are not in our repertoire. If you would like us to learn songs that are not in our repertoire, we can happily facilitate your requests and perform them on the day of your event.

Q. How soon/far in advance can I book live music services?
A. Typically, most of the clients have booked as far as one year in advance but there are those rare instances where a client has surpassed that time period and consequently we accommodated the client. However, it is advised that you book as soon as possible as our live music services are in high demand and would not like to disappoint you because we have been booked already.

Q. How do I find out if you’re available for our date? What is the cost?
A. If you are interested in booking any of our services, please call or email with your prospective dates, the service or services you are interested in booking and we will respond promptly with our availability, package options and prices.

Q. Do you travel?
A. Yes we do travel. Our major areas of service are in the GTA. However, we can travel beyond that. If your event is outside of GTA, we can also accommodate you. For further information about traveling and its accompanying logistics please get in touch with us via phone or email.

Q. With regards to a wedding, do you perform ceremony, cocktail and reception music?
A. Yes we certainly do to all three. Typically, at a wedding ceremony, a singer and an accompanist (keyboardist) are provided but in the past, clients have requested instead a string quartet and we happily provided such. For cocktail and live music during dinner, an accompanist (pianist) and a solo instrument (such as a vocalist or saxophone) are a typical setup but this again, can be tailored to your requests. In the past, we have provided duos, trios and quartets.

Q. How will the band/musicians be dressed?
A. Unless instructed otherwise, our musicians are dressed formally in black suits (male) and dresses (female).

Q. How many breaks do you take? How long are they?
A. Depending on the duration of the event, the band may take a break. For example, if the band is playing for two hours at your event, the band may take one 10 minute break or forego a break completely and play non-stop. If the band is hired to play for 5 hours, two 20 minute breaks are taken. These breaks are flexible and strategically taken dependent on the way your event is unfolding.

Q. What happens when the band is on break? Can we choose the music that is played during band breaks?
A. During a break, the party cannot stop and neither will the music! We will seamlessly transition from live entertainment to a DJ styled mix of music on a CD. This way the dance floor remains packed and the guests are kept warm until we return to the stage to continue the party! The mix of this music is completely open to your musical choices and if uncertain, we can help create a perfect mix.

Q. Can we use a DJ in addition to the band? Is this a good idea?
A. Many of our clients in the past have hired both a live band and DJ. At MXEvents, the line up of DJs are top-class professionals that have entertained crowds not only at popular clubs in the GTA but also high-profile clientele. If you desire both a DJ and a live band, we can create a package that can give you the best of both worlds! Though not necessary, we do encourage our clients to hire a DJ in addition to the band.

Q. Can we see you perform at a wedding or other private event?
A. Unfortunately, we would not be able to facilitate this request. It is against our privacy policy with our clients and at MXEvents, we value our clients’ privacy.

Q. Why should I have live music at my event?
A. Having live music at your event creates an unforgettable, memorable occasion. Nothing beats having human interaction and entertainment between a live band and guests at your event. Consider it as a personalized live concert of your favourite music in the comfort of your space tailored to your tastes. A great luxury… YES, WE THINK SO TOO!

Q. Can you answer my question that is not on this list? Can you further explain your answer to one of your questions above?
A. Of course we can. We would be more than happy to set a meeting so answer any additional questions in person or give you a further explanations and ideas from past experience.

We thank you in advance for considering our live music services at your event and look forward to providing unparalleled live entertainment tailored to your needs and wishes in the near future.


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Our Testimonials

We used MX Events for my daughters 1st birthday party and everyone loved the photobooth. All the different hats and props they brought to use for the pictures were very clean and in excellent condition.
Both Max and Walter were very friendly, professional and seemed to genuinely care.
I can't wait to have them come for our next event!!

Thanks so much,


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