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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Thank you for considering us to be your potential Wedding Entertainment Company. We hope to make this a day that you will never forget.

CALL 647-290-7603 | 647-293-2965

We offer a wide variety of Entertainment, Event Planning and Production options for Grand Openings, Holiday Parties, Company Picnics, Theme Parties, Award Galas and all your other corporate needs.

CALL 647-290-7603 | 647-293-2965

MXEvents provides indoor and outdoor planning that ranges from simple school dances, semi formals and proms, to private banquet hall events, high energy club-style productions and festivals

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Whitby Special Events DJ

Whitby Special Events DJ


      • Delivery Setup and Takedown
      • Professional DJ + Console
      • Fully Censored Music Library
      • Digital Sound System
      • 1 Wired Microphone
      • Games and Giveaways
*Package price is dependent on the of number of service hours and total amount of guests. Please provide these details in your inquiry.


      • Setup and Takedown
      • Professional DJ + Console
      • Fully Censored Music Library
      • Digital Sound System
      • 1 Wired Microphone
      • Games and Giveaways (Glow Products)
*Package price is dependent on the of number of service hours and total amount of guests. Please provide these details in your inquiry.


      • Setup and Takedown
      • Up To 3 Hours Of Service
      • Professional DJ + Console
      • Fully Censored Music Library
      • Digital Sound System
      • 1 Wired Microphone
      • Games and Giveaways (Glow Products)
      • 1 Dance Light
*Package price is dependent on the of number of service hours (if above 3) and total amount of students. Please provide these details in your inquiry.


  • Book any TWO services (DJ, MC, Live Music, A/V Setup, Photobooth, etc) to receive $100 OFF
  • Book any THREE services (DJ, MC, Live Music, A/V Setup, Photobooth, etc) to receive $200 OFF


*Visit Our Photo Gallery page for all “upgrade options” pictures; or CLICK HERE.

  • Intelligent Lighting Unit
    • MAC 250 Moving Head (minimum of 2)
    • RUSH MH3 Moving Head (minimum of 2)
    • Aura LED Moving Wash (minimum of 2)
  • Semi-Intelligent Lights
    • American DJ Vertigo (minimum of 2)
    • American DJ Revo (minimum of 2)
  • LED Parcan Show
  • LED Wall Uplights
  • Microh Titan Laser
  • 20″ Disco Ball
Special Effects
  • Fog Machine
  • Hazer
  • Confetti
  • Fireworks
  • Bubble Machine
  • Snow Machine
  • LED TV (55″)
  • HD Projector + Screen (custom size)
  • LED Video/Media Wall (custom size)
*Visit for additional Audio Visual Needs Backdrop
  • Velour Backdrop
  • LED Backdrop
  • Wired Microphone
  • Wireless Microphone
  • Wireless Lapel Microphone
Video Disc Jockey
  • 2 – LED TVs (55″)
  • Video Mixing Console
  • Extensive Video Library

Life is full of ups and downs but whether we accept it or not we have to find a way of getting the best out of it. It might be at your workplace with your boss giving a hell of time in the office or at your house with your kids making life hard and unbearable for you; it might be at school with so many assignments to complete and exams to study for. With all these issues, one needs a way to unwind. What better way to do say, than to attend a party or a wedding or even so host the party yourself and invite all of your friends during a weekend. This will be a brilliant idea but what would be a party without music? You can provide all the food and drinks but without music, it would not be considered an incomplete party.

For you to have the finest music, you must hire the best DJ to suit your special event needs. This can prove to be quite a task, but with some basic tips on how to do it, you can be sure to get the best Special Events DJ in Whitby Area. The following can help you a big deal once you begin your research:

Whitby Special Events DJ Services Packages, Rates and Pricing

The very first thing you need to do is to ask around from other people who have previously held weddings or proms or special parties that involved the services of a particular Whitby Special Events DJ. You can have a few recommendations. You can also go to the internet and look at a website to get a few recommendations. After that you can have an interview with about three of them and make your decision much easier. The interview is very important because, at this time you get to ask all the questions you might have in mind.

Secondly the company’s equipment should be in full working condition. A Whitby Special Events DJ should have subwoofer systems, good microphones for making any announcements, good speakers that will not end up being a nuisance to people’s ears and just in case of a blackout, they should have back up equipment to avoid embarrassment. Another important aspect is special high grade lighting. They should have the industry best. Depending on the type of party, the company should be able to provide a wide range of options. For example: if you are having a night party, the entertainment company should be able to provide enough lighting with some creativity. This way it will make the place look livelier by creating a sophisticated look and creating new patterns.

Lastly, go for a DJ who is clean and tidy. This is most important for safety purposes, because a tidy DJ will ensure there are no wires all over the place or some faulty equipment being used. The equipment should always be in a good and clean condition that will not pose any hazards to your guests. You should also have a contract signed with the company. This is to ensure that all services promised, are actually rendered on the day of the event.

Finally with all these details in mind, take a look at the MXEvents website and give our Whitby Special Events DJ a shot. By going with us, you are getting the best Whitby Special Events DJ and as a result you can be rest assured of having the best party ever.

The ups and downs come in the life most often. There is a need to defend the life in a proper style. The people who have very less experience of music should be careful. The disc jockeys and live performers offer various types of entertainment plans and offers. These plans and offers need your attention because it is not recommended to choose any entertainment idea without proper information. Hosting the special events such as wedding days, birthdays, corporate events and other types of functions is very easy if you have the support of MXEvents. This company offers exclusive support to organize the special events. Outstanding events and functions mostly require professional experience. People can’t fulfill these requirements so they need the assistance of professional disc jockeys.

We recommend the MXEvents for all these services. Hire this DJ service and forget all the tensions. The experts discuss the important entertainment services with the clients in order to judge the expectations. We guarantee the highest levels of entertainment. Choose the DJ packages and additional services in order to make your function really attractive and memorable for the guests.


TEL: 647-293-2965 | TEL: 647-290-7603

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Our Testimonials

Max, I really want to thank you again for making our Dream Day come true. You were prompt, on time, setting up in advance and had everything exactly the way we wanted it. You used the exact songs we wanted and even for the dancing portion of the night you played really great music. I know it was a slow start for the guests but you managed to keep everything under control which was amazing. Once speeches were done I felt I could finally relax and I just wanted to dance the night away, and your music helped me do just that! You were pleasant, professional and a real pleasure to work with. Even the time leading up to the day of, you were prompt in responding to any questions or concerns I had and you were so helpful in offering your own ideas and suggestions.

I have finally come down from my wedding high and look back and we are so thankful we went with you for our wedding. Carl and I thank you so much and will be sure to recommend you to our family and friends.

Carolyn and Carl
Venue: Ella's Banquet Hall, Scarborough

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